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Swedish citizenship application

Posted at — Mar 6, 2020

TL;DR: have your passport, your CV, and your income declarations for the past five years handy. If you’ve been out of Sweden for more than 6 weeks at a time during the last 5 years, or if you got your current passport during that time, you’ll need your travel dates and destination. If you’re from EU, other rules apply. Fill out form 271011 if you’ve been waiting for the decision for 6 months or more.

As with most other things pertaining to immigration, Migrationsverket, Swedish migration agency, has the most up-to-date information on becoming a Swedish citizen (also in English). And also as with most other things pertaining to immigration, that information does not cover 100% of the cases or details.

As of last year, it is now possible to sign the citizenship application with BankID (unless children are added to it), and it’s not necessary anymore to send in your passport with the application.

This form from Migrationsverket should be printed and filled out if children are involved in the process.

I have filled out the interactive form on the website instead, and here’s what it was about:

  • Do you live in Sweden

  • Your current citizenship, and do you have it since birth or since a particular date

  • When did you come to Sweden (you can give the exact day or just the month and the year)

  • Do you have a permanent uppehållstillstånd, uppehållsrätt or uppehållskort

  • Have you done any crimes or got any unpaid debts in the time you’ve lived in Sweden — amusingly, this was one question, not two

  • Your full current name and previous names if any

  • Contact details

  • Relationship status (married, sambo, divorced, etc) and kids — and is/was your partner a Swedish citizen

  • Have you traveled outside of Sweden for more than 6 weeks in the past 5 years or made a shorter trip to get a passport

  • What passport do you have (issued by whom, valid till when, picked up in person or not)

  • How do you support yourself — employment, own business, försäkringskassa, student loan, a-kassa, etc. Has to be described with a name (of e.g. the employer or the school) and from/to dates (again, you can give the exact day or just the month and the year)

  • Income before tax for each of the last 5 years, last 3 are mandatory fields on the form, and the other two aren’t. The income for each year is given by selecting into which bracket it fell out of the following: 0–25k, 25–50k, 50–75k, 75–100k, 100–150k, 150–200k, 200–250k, 250–300k, 300–350k, 350–400k, and ‘above 400k SEK’

  • Optional note from you to Migrationsverket, 1000 characters max.

After all this is answered, a .pdf file with the given details is generated and presented for checking. Next step is attaching a scan of the passport.

Then the whole thing can be signed with BankID.

The final part is payment. First I had to confirm that I want to pay the fee of 1500 SEK, then leave an email, pass Google captcha, get a confirmation code to the email I gave, and enter it. After that I just filled out my card details (the payment went through — and that was it.

Current waiting times for a decision on a citizenship case (current is March 2020) are 37 months.

After 6 months of waiting, it’s possible to submit a form 270011 asking to finalize your case. This request should be rejected or satisfied within 4 weeks and can only be sent once for each case.

The same form can be used after 4 months of waiting on a work permit decision, and after 90 days if it’s about an EU Blue card.

The form is just one page, and is available in English too.

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