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New Rules for Swedish Driving License 2020

Posted at — Feb 26, 2020

According to the Trafikverket's website, some minor changes are coming to the process of acquiring a Swedish driving license on the 1st of March.

The first one is: kunskapsprovet (the theory test) should be passed before körprovet (the driving test) can be taken. Trafikverket also prolongs the period of validity for the kunskapsprovet results from 2 to 4 months.

Kristina Hagberg of Trafikverket Förarprov explained that having passed the theory test should increase the chances of passing the driving test. The statistics of the tests (briefly mentioned and translated in another post) shows the difference between passing the theory and the practice tests around 10%: e.g. in January 2020, 54.26% of people managed to pass the practice test on their first attempt, and 64.28% managed the same with theory.

The news article further adds that people who had passed the theory test first had a 53% chance to pass the practice part, and those who failed theory succeeded with practice only 29% of the time.

The second change is that people will have to hand in a declaration (försäkran) stating they’re not going to cheat on the test. This will help with prosecuting cheaters (the article mentions fees and prison as possible punishment for a false försäkran).

On the Q&A page for the changes it says that it is still possible to book both tests (theory and practice) in advance, there’s no need to wait until after the first test to book the second. Practice test can be unbooked or rebooked until 24 hours before its start.

All this concerns only driving license of category B.

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