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Brave New Work: Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Organization? by Aaron Dignan

Posted at — May 13, 2019

This management book is worth around a thousand others. Instead of giving you a grand plan with which to improve profits 1000% through top-down approach, it advises to think for yourself and let the others think for themselves too. Ever tried to stop micromanaging and just give your people a purpose and resources? Well, this book is about that but on steroids and crack. And at scale.

Handling a complex ever-changing system which has a central place in your life is not an easy or intuitive thing for most of us. This system can be a company, or it could be something more, so this book is sharing tools for more than work.

There are some slight traces of American culture in it, but this doesn’t interfere with the ideas laid out. Easy to read — and I know many people who wish their boss did just that.


(304 pages)

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